Sunday School is the foundational strategy in our church for building Great Commission Christians through Bible Study groups that engage people of all ages and needs in evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and worship.

The Sunday School Department exist to train and educate the members of the church in the matters of Bible Truth and Christian Character. 
The Department empowers the believer in faith and equips him for soul-winning. 
Every member of the Church is an automatic member of the Sunday School Department.

At Madina Central Sunday school Teachers and workers meet to prepare for each lesson on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. 
The teaching time is Sundays from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM. 

Classes are in different languages and according to age groups. Class sizes are small. 
The choice of class is wide but same subjects are taught at the same time.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Is listening to preaching alone enough for the believer?
 2 Tim. 2:15 says that Study to show yourself approved....
From this verse, we can deduce that listening to preaching alone would not be enough. Careful study of the word provides a solid foundation to enable the believer guard against false teaching.

2. Is Sunday School still Relevant?
Sunday school remains relevant even more than before due to the multitude of resources providing God's word.
Sunday school provides the opportunity for the study of sound doctrine. It provides the believer with lessons that have practical outlook on our lives.
Sunday school provides an opportunity to evaluate and test all thoughts and doctrines.
Sunday school provides extensive knowledge in all aspects of the Bible.

3.    Is the Sunday School for everyone?
YES, Sunday school is for everyone as it allows us to continually improve on our knowledge of the Bible which is the inspired word of God.
From Sunday School, students acquire knowledge and godly wisdom that can be used 

The Sunday School allows full interactions between teacher and student during lessons.
The Sunday School also serves as a nurturing and training ground for the church.

Benefits Of Bible Studies In Sunday School

The student is encouraged to study the bible alone. It enables one to feed his soul daily through personal study of the word. This emanates from the fact that in many cases during preaching one cannot ask questions.

During the Bible lessons the Holy Spirit can give the believer detailed understanding concerning the passage under study. Also the Bible encourages us to learn and teach the word of God. God said: "gather the people men, women and children and thy stranger that they may hear, learn fear the Lord and observe to all the words of this law" Deut 31:12. The benefits we derives as we study the bible at Sunday School includes the following.
1.  We grow in Christ.
2.  We encourage each other.
3.  We gain a good understanding of the word of God.

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Vice President

Mrs. Margaret Okyere


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Mrs. Gifty Yeboah

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Financial Secretary

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Time with the Senior Pastor's wife - (MAMA WINIFRED OSEI-ASANTE)

Why should we evangelize? - (PASTOR DANIEL ODAME OSEW)


Food & Nutrition; Eating well for a Healthy Living - (MRS. SAMILIA CARNAKOO)

Train yourself with the Word of God to live right - (REV. DR. RICHARD OSEI-ASANTE)


Various ways of supporting the Church as a Child of God - (PASTOR BRIGHT FIAMAVLE)

Profit making in business and Investment (Proverbs 31:18) - (MADAM GLADYS AGYEKUM & LADY ANGELA HUTCHFUL)





Visitation - (GROUP LEADERS)

Health Talk; Diabetes: Its Prevention, Treatment and Management - (MRS. BEATRICE OKOH)





Visit your dentist regularly - (DR. COLEMAN - Ridge Hospital)

Where do you want to spend eternity? - REV. MRS. REGINA KOTEI



Supporting your home Financially; (IGA) Preparation of Parazone., Detol and Pomade - (MRS. ESTHER ADEPKE & MRS. AGNES KYEI)

Various types of Weddings in the Church - (MR. STEPHEN BOAPONSEM)




What Do You Know? (Bible Quiz) - (Daniel chapter 1 to 6) - (MRS. GRACE LUGUWU & MRS. AGARTHA ADOM-BROCK)

Demonstration: Preparation of some local dishes and fruit cake making - (MADAM KATE SOLAGA, MRS AGNES KYEI, MRS. CYNTHIA OBENG & MRS. LIZZY YILINAN)





How do we handle stubborn children in the family? - (REV. DR. RICHARD OSEI-ASANTE)

Visitation - (GROUP LEADERS)




Understanding Tithing and Free-will giving - (MRS. GLADYS AKOTO)


"Thy word have I hid in my heart..." (Psalm 119)  - (MRS. SANDRA FIAMAVLE)




Training children to be self-confident  - (MADAM REJOICE MAWUSI)





Who is a Lady? - (MRS. VICTORIA OTIEKU)

Why should we exercise physically? - (MR. STANLEY FAMADOR)





Knowing the constitution of Assemblies of God, Ghana - (PASTOR DANIEL ODAME OSEW)

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Madina Central Assemblies of God is a local church with rich Pentecostal heritage. 
We are graced with the vision and a deep burden for the lost soul. 
Intercessory prayer, evangelistic preaching and discipline of believers have been our high priority. Read more...


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