Madina Central Assemblies of God is a local church with rich Pentecostal heritage. 
We are graced with the vision and a deep burden for the lost soul. 
Intercessory prayer, evangelistic preaching and disciplining of believers have been our high priority.
Doctrinally, we stand with the Biblical position of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Ghana. 

The Church emphasizes personal salvation, water baptism, divine healing, the baptism with the Holy Spirit 
accompanied by the evidence of speaking in tongues, and the pre-millennial second coming of Jesus Christ. 
The Bible is recognized as the inspired word of God and provides the rule for faith and practice.


We have the following four main beliefs:

1. Salvation: The necessity for the new birth
2. Baptism in the Holy Spirit: The Need of the Spirit-filled life.
3. Divine Healing
4. Second Coming of Christ.

The doctrine of salvation forms the core of our Christian faith by
proclaiming God's victory over sin in our lives. This results in deliverance, healing and restored lives. 
Whether a new member or a mature Christian, every believer should have a clear understanding of salvation and the difference this truth makes in our lives and churches.

Baptism in the Holy Spirit
The doctrine of the baptism in the Holy Spirit is our distinctive.
This truth explains the passion and power of our witness. Jesus promised His followers they would be His witnesses. 
We believe this truth is just as relevant today as our fellowship continues to take the gospel message around the globe.

Divine Healing
Wherever Jesus went, He ministered with compassion and healed the sick. 
Christ's examples showed that many who believed and followed received their healing. 
Our Lord continues to heal today and it is vital that the church preach, teach, and practice this Biblical truth. Scriptures command believers to pray in faith and trust God for the outcome.

The Second Coming
With the world experiencing natural disasters, economic downturns and increasing uncertainties on many fronts, the doctrine of Christ's Second Coming is more relevant than ever. Believers must rest in the certainty of the imminent return of our Lord and share this hope with others.


We are committed to bringing God's people together for the purpose of worship and carrying out the Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship, teaching the word and to minister the total needs of the people within their cultural settings without compromising the statement of our fundamental truths.


At a corporate body, we evangelize Ghana and beyond but Specifically, we believe God has called us to focus on reaching those in Madina and its surrounding areas.
In order to accomplish this, Madina Central Assemblies of God will be an equipping center where every Christian can be developed to his or her full potential for ministry. 
This development will come through our commitment to God in worship, discipline and evangelism.


We believe the church has the following three main purposes for existence:
1. To introduce the lost to Christ.
2. To provide an environment for worship and fellowship with others who hold similar values and beliefs for the love of
3. To effectively train and nurture believers.
It is our deepest conviction that if we, as Christians, are to maintain our walk with God, we must submit ourselves to 
God's word and godly examples and be rooted firmly in the faith. 
These goals can best be accomplished through a warm and caring body of believers called the local church.


At MADINA CENTRAL, we use 5 key words to summarize Christ's Purposes for His Church:


We Celebrate God's presence in Worship. This is God's Power to live on.

We Communicate God's word through Evangelism. This is God's Purpose to live for.

We Incorporate God's family into our fellowship. These are God's People to live with.

We Educate God's people through Discipleship. This is God's Principles to live by.

We Demonstrate God's love through Service. This is God's Profession to live out.
It is our deepest conviction that if we, as Christians are to maintain our walk with God, we must submit ourselves to God's word and godly
examples and be rooted firmly in the faith. These goals can best be accomplished through a warm and caring body of believers called the local church.


1. Fellowship:
God wants me to be a member of His family. I am committed both to God and this local church. I must support and protect both the church and family by my attitude, attendance and actions. I will inform the leadership of the church if I will be a month away from fellowship.

2. Discipleship:
God wants me to be a model of His character. My goal is to become like Christ. I must let Christ be seen in my manners and morals.


3. Service:
God wants me to be a minister of His grace. I must use whatever gift I have to serve God. I must demonstrate the grace of God in my relationship with both sinners and saints.


4. Evangelism:
God wants me to be a messenger of His love. My life is nothing unless I use it for the work assigned to me by the Lord Jesus.
I must proclaim the sacrificial love, mercy and saving power of God to all.

5. Worship:
God wants me to be a magnifier of His name. My responsibility is to worship God. I must declare the praise of Him who died and rose again for me and the world.


1. A clear experience of salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and a confessed purpose to follow Him faithfully (Rom.10:9-10).
Successful completions of the new member's course run by the Church.
2. Baptism in water (Mark 28:19, Acts 2:38).
3. Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues or earnestly seeking this experience.


1. Maintain an open clean life in the world (1 Pet. 2:9-12)
2. Seek to give the word of God to the unsaved and pray for their salvation.
3. Visit and pray for the sick, help those in need, seek to comfort and cheer those in distress and in general, promote harmony and goodwill among the members.
4. Pray and counsel with a brother or sister who falls into error (John 5:15).
5. Avoid those who cause dissensions among the brethren
6. Keep Sunday Holy, promote family alter at home
7. Maintain an attitude of reverence while in the House of the Lord, and abstaining from leaving the building while service is in progress and teach the children the same.
8. Support the church with his or her tithes and offerings
9. Cast his or her vote in the various business and session of the church.

We believe in God of the Bible and have embraced the salvation provided through His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe God is at work today through the power of the Holy Spirit.

We humbly ask the Lord of the harvest for a new boldness, a new vision, a new passion and a renewed power that comes only from the Holy Spirit. 

Along with the early church, we ask our Sovereign Lord to stretch out His hand to heal and perform miraculous signs and wonders through the Name of Jesus. With our whole hearts,  we ask God to fill us with the Holy Spirit and enable us to speak the word boldly.


Sunday School is the foundational strategy in our church for building Great Commission Christians through Bible Study groups that engage people of all ages and needs in evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, ministry and worship.

The Sunday School Department exist to train and educate the members of the church in the matters of Bible Truth and Christian Character. 
The Department empowers the believer in faith and equips him for soul-winning. 
Every member of the Church is an automatic member of the Sunday School Department.

At Madina Central Sunday school Teachers and workers meet to prepare for each lesson on Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. 
The teaching time is Sundays from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM. 

Classes are in different languages and according to age groups. Class sizes are small. 
The choice of class is wide but same subjects are taught at the same time.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).

1. Is listening to preaching alone enough for the believer?
 2 Tim. 2:15 says that Study to show yourself approved....
From this verse, we can deduce that listening to preaching alone would not be enough. Careful study of the word provides a solid foundation to enable the believer guard against false teaching.

2. Is Sunday School still Relevant?
Sunday school remains relevant even more than before due to the multitude of resources providing God's word.
Sunday school provides the opportunity for the study of sound doctrine. It provides the believer with lessons that have practical outlook on our lives.
Sunday school provides an opportunity to evaluate and test all thoughts and doctrines.
Sunday school provides extensive knowledge in all aspects of the Bible.

3.    Is the Sunday School for everyone?
YES, Sunday school is for everyone as it allows us to continually improve on our knowledge of the Bible which is the inspired word of God.
From Sunday School, students acquire knowledge and godly wisdom that can be used 

The Sunday School allows full interactions between teacher and student during lessons.
The Sunday School also serves as a nurturing and training ground for the church.

Benefits Of Bible Studies In Sunday School.

The student is encouraged to study the bible alone. It enables one to feed his soul daily through personal study of the word. This emanates from the fact that in many cases during preaching one cannot ask questions.

During the Bible lessons the Holy Spirit can give the believer detailed understanding concerning the passage under study. Also the Bible encourages us to learn and teach the word of God. God said: "gather the people men, women and children and thy stranger that they may hear, learn fear the Lord and observe to all the words of this law" Deut 31:12. The benefits we derives as we study the bible at Sunday School includes the following.
1.  We grow in Christ.
2.  We encourage each other.
3.  We gain a good understanding of the word of God.

Barriers To Our Involvement And Participation In Sunday School.

1. Misconception: It is the view of many in the church that Sunday School is for children. 
However, the truth is that Sunday School is for ALL. The fact is that Sunday School is a learning centre.

2. Lack of personal commitment is seriously affecting our commitment to Sunday School.

3. Pressure to meet the demands of modern day living.

How to Overcome These Barriers.

It all depends on you to make up your mind to attend Sunday School. 
If we set our priorities right, our personal commitment would not conflict with Sunday school. 
Self-discipline can help boost our commitment to Sunday School.


Sunday School has been a blessing and will continue to be. 
Expect a more, fruitful and vibrant Sunday School. 
Sunday School is God's business and we must all be well involved in God's Business. 


•    Tell someone: This helps confirm your decision and can inspire you to demonstrate a real change.
•    Start praying: This helps you grow in your relationship with God and keeps you connected to his power and guidance.
•    Read the Bible: This helps you get to know God better and to discover his plans for your life.
•    Get involved: Becoming active in a strong Bible-based church can help you grow spiritually, provide accountability and allow you to use your unique gifts to honour God and help others.


God's plan for you is to be saved. He wants you to be saved. You need Jesus into your life. Jesus loves you; He desires to have relationship with you. 

The following are the three basics steps for your salvation:

a. Admit
Admit to God that you are a sinner. All persons need salvation. Each of us has a problem the Bible calls sin. Sin is a refusal to acknowledge God's authority over our lives. 
Everyone who does not life a live of perfect obedience to the Lord is guilty of sin. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23)

b. Believe
Believe in Jesus Christ as God's Son and receive Jesus gift of forgiveness from sin. God loves each of us. God offers us salvation. 
Although we have done nothing to deserve his love and salvation God wants to save us. In the death of Jesus on the cross, God provided
salvation for all who will repent of their sins and believes in Jesus. For God loved the world in this way. 
He gave his one and only Son so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16)

c. Confess
Confess your faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord to others. After you have received Jesus Christ into your life, share your decision with one person. 
Tell your pastor or a Christian friend about your decision. If you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the death, you will be saved.

With the heart one gives resulting in righteousness and with the mouth one confesses resulting in salvation (Rom. 10:9-10)

If you have gone through the above steps faithfully and sincerely from your heart, you may pray this prayer:
"Lord Jesus, I invite you into my life,
I believe you died for me and that your blood pays for my sins and provide me with the gift of eternal life by faith, 
I receive that gift and I acknowledge You as my Lord and Saviour. Amen!" 


The Assemblies of God is not the only church: God is also graciously using many others to reach the lost that need Him.
In the big picture, we are one of the many churches and denominations committed to bringing others to Christ in the Madina Community.

Our prayer in this church is to be a channel for God to help direct lost and hurting people to Jesus Christ and provide an atmosphere where the Holy Spirit can perform His special work in the lives of Christians.


If you don't have a church home, we invite you to join us this Sunday and every other Sunday as we worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. 
God bless you abundantly


Madina Central Assemblies of God is a local church with rich Pentecostal heritage. 
We are graced with the vision and a deep burden for the lost soul. 
Intercessory prayer, evangelistic preaching and discipline of believers have been our high priority. Read more...


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